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Studsgade 40, dk - 8000 aarhus c - Denmark

About Kilsgaard

The Story: Why some people are tempted to spend money on trendy eyewear gadgets that last for 5 seconds and at the same time long for everlasting classics - we don't get... This is KILSGAARD's most essential question. And the base of the design is born in that paradox - longing for iconographic and classic style eyewear, transformed into urban coolness. Jacob Kilsgaard who founded the company in 2007 has from the beginning worked closely with the - to many people - famous architectural design company Bonnelycke MDD. The concept was finally ready to launch in March 2008 at the Drommesyn show in Copenhagen. Jacob does not come from a designer's background him self, but his flair for 'feinschmeck' and good clean business strategies has been successfully translated into urban-classic spectacle frames by Bonnelycke MDD. Realizing from the start, that it takes an almost neurotic individual to produce the classic minimum Jacob was looking for, he brought Bonnelycke MDD on board. The Profile Kilsgaard Eyewear insists on simplicity. The idea is to create a contemporary and elegant design ensuring the person who carries the eyewear, a certain sense of standing out - in a good way... That means we keep an eye out for the trends, but stay true to the classic design, that has worked for decades... We are not here to revolutionize the world of eyewear, but simply re-introduce what already works so well in our very own package; minimalism and aluminium. We think that good design has the courage to be simple. That's why we've designed logical spectacle frames that are reliable and insist on elegant tech solutions. One screw makes up hinges and rim-lock and all frames are 100% aluminium - some combined with the finest acetate money can buy - light as a feather and strong as h.... The frames are designed in Denmark, produced in Italy, color-anodised back in Denmark and assembled and finalised in Italy; an expensive process necessary to maintain the high quality level desired. Anodising is a chemical process that colours and tempers the metal making it impossible for the paint to peel.
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Fine danish aluminium frames. Designed in Denmark and produced in Italy.



made in denmark