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Weloveglasses is the first community website totally focused on the eyeglasses world.
Ok, but what does it mean? What is it really?

It is both:

  • The first and only worldwide community of real people that loves glasses.
  • A photographic showcase of eyeglasses and sunglasses pictures weared by our beatiful users.
  • A source of information about trends and latest cool designers that are leading innovation in the market.
  • An iPhone application that allows you to snap your picture & share it on the site, wherever you are

We are an independent website, growing on our own. Nobody pays us to write or develop the website.

We're just a big family. Check out the Team page to discover who we are.

We also have a mascotte: Gina, she usually introduce our guest on website. Find her on Facebook :)

how it works

It's simple:
  1. Take a picture of you or a friend wearing glasses of any kind.
  2. Join weloveglasses to upload the picture.
  3. Get voted by your friends by sharing your picture
  4. Partecipate to our occasional contests and try to win!

weloveglasses: how it works

Got some cool glasses?
Wanna show your style to the world?
Take a picture of yourself
Register by uploading your picture
Share it through Facebook or Twitter
Get voted and be cool! (and watch out for contests!)

The magazine

NOMEMAGAZINE is weloveglasses' design & fashion magazine: it's not yet another fashion blog.

Our editorial team will guide you through the latest really cool designers, trends and news of the glasses universe.

Check it out here

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Press Zone

Usually magazine love to talk about social network, fashion and new big thing, you find our press kit there or keep in touch with us

Stuff for nerds

We're online since the beginning of 2011.

As of February 2012, we got about 5.000 registered users and about 2.000 lovely pics with glasses, 200.000 pageviews per month and about 30.000 monthly "love" votes on pictures.

Wanna support us?

We want you!

We are open to feedbacks and people who want to help us with any kind of advice about the eyeglasses world. Don't be shy! Drop us a line!

Your help will be much appreciated

Big thanks to

We want to thank all our friends from around the world and all the people who supported and helped us creating this website and making this real.

Glasses designers, photographers, journalists, families, friends
we want to sincerely say

thank you.