We Love Glasses at Silmo 2013 – Day 1

We Love Glasses first day at Silmo:

We spoke with the first batch of brands and tried their new collection, met new cool people and obviously took pictures.

Today we were able to see and try the new collections from:

Cheap Monday
Etnia Barcelona
Vue DC

Some of them were really amazing! Check out the gallery below.

Let’s see who’s being reviewed tomorrow!
Stay tuned.


Devoted to quality crafting and innovation, the Belgians Vuerich Brothers combine their skills to create glasses. VuerichB is respectful of the environment and integrate it as a way of life, concern of sustainability. VuerichB recycle decks, laminate wood species, experiment materials in the urban workshop right in the center of Barcelona in Spain.

Hush Grandpa, a new brand from Australia

Hush Grandpa is the name of a freshly launched independent eyewear brand hailing from Sydney, Australia.

Here’s an excerpt from their press release:

Based in Sydney’s eastern beaches, Hush Grandpa is the baby of founder and creative director Dave Jeffrey, conceived when he was a young buck working with industry doyen Jono Hennessy Sceats. Dave has always had a passion for sunnies and optical frames (despite being cursed with 20/20 vision) and this experience set him dreaming of creating his own brand. A true labour of love, Hush Grandpa is the result of several years of sketching, working and reworking designs, as well as a passionate quest to find the right materials to set the eyewear apart from the crowd.

HG’s aim is to create eyewear with a different look and feel from the average frame, embracing contemporary cool, but with a nod (and a saucy wink) to the classic designs of the past. The sunglasses incorporate great classic shapes, but with a modern twist; think unique roughed-up finishes and cutting-edge materials.

Not just about the pretty face, Hush Grandpa eyewear is hand-crafted using the finest materials, including Italian-made 100 per cent eco-friendly acetate (derived from cotton and wood pulp); and Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision gradient tint lenses.


Time for pictures!


Pared Eyewear

Pared is the creation of founder and designer Samantha Stevenson and her partner Edward Baker. With the combination of Samantha’s design skills and Edwards strong background in the fashion and retail industry together they founded the business in 2011 while based in Sydney, Australia.

Five styles were launched for summer 2012 and since then pared has released a further two collections of eyewear with each range evocative of a certain place and time.

As well as the main eyewear line pared is also known for its collaborations with fashion labels creating covetable limited edition frames.

Notable collaborations have been with Australian jewelry label POMS and cult Australian fashion labels Emma Mulholland and Ginger & Smart, each collaboration offering a unique take on eyewear.

The brand has established itself as a boutique label with a strong following in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA. The unique use of colour combinations, distinctive cutaway details, unusual material and surface treatments ensure a point of difference from other eyewear brands.

Pared has been seen on a number of celebrities such as Natalia Kills, The Haim sisters, Delta Goodrem, Poppy Delevigne, Fashion blogger Susie Bubble and in notable editorials for Australian and international magazines such as Elle, Oyster, RUSSH and Interview.

Trend Report Opti 2014 Munich

Opti 2014 has been an interesting show to start this new year for us, eyeglasses lovers.

The trade show took place from 10 to 12 January in Munich and saw over 24,000 visitors and about 500 exhibitors showcasing their products.

We were there to discover what’s new in the eyewear market, keeping our eyes open to spot new interesting materials, design solutions and production techniques.

Generally speaking, some of the trends we already saw last year in Mido and Silmo are consolidating and more companies are adapting to produce eyewear with materials that have just become more “trendy” for the market, which is a bit dangerous because they tend to “do the same thing”, but luckily there are some small surprises…

Also, we are glad to see that companies are showing a bit more awareness for ecofriendly and ecosustainable materials and production.

Surrounded by wood

The first big trend is wood.

In the last three years, wood have slowly but steady increased its popularity in the eyewear world: its lightness, nice feeling to the touch and infinite shades of colors and finishes are probably the main reasons why it tickled many brands to jump on the “wooden train” and craft their own variations on this beautiful natural material. Even if we still don’t see a lot of wooden frames on the face of people walking around.

Among the most interesting, we spoke with w-eye, from Italy, that showed us a stylish new collection made of wood and pearl, pretty interesting finish! Vision Wood, also from Italy, showcased us their interesting variations made of cork (flexible!) and some cork/wood hybrid models.

Among other brands using wood: Herrlicht with their 100% wood frames from Germany, Different with a nice colourful range of models from Italy, Kraa Kraa from Finland, Palens from Barcelona, Tree SpectaclesWooDone and Woo Class, all from Italy.
As you can see, there’s a lot of them woody manufacturers, and we didn’t even name them all!

Now a few pictures for your eyes… But keep scrolling, because after that there’s…


Buffalo Soldiers!

The most surprising and raising trend, however, are frames made out of natural buffalo horn.

This looks like the year of buffalo horn. A very elegant and luxurious material that we saw both in very polished frames but also in more aggressive styles when scratched and hand-refined or treated in different ways.
Last year we were really impressed by the style & quality of Rigards frames, which we think you should really check out.

Götti (Switzerland) and Rolf (Austria) showed really nice frames made out of buffalo horn. Among others… Swisshorn SIRE (Switzerland), Design Naturell (Germany), Horn-i (Germany).

Our only small concern is that with the increasing of market, demand and production, manufacturers can keep the whole thing sustainable in respect of animals and nature. When asked, companies assure us the natural horn they use is always by-product/waste material. Ok, ok. But we will keep an eye on you anyway!

Time for a gallery now!


In regarding of general style and design, we give you some hints at some of the most notable brands we spoke to:

Martin&Martin showed us their sintethic ivory-look alike material. pretty interesting. 

Vue DC, we really liked their swarowski-enriched frames.

Simon Chimm and his amazing creations of paper-layered frames.

Dzimitry Samal, for his original “pixel” style frames.

Robert La Roche, clip-on pioneers, they got a really impressive advertising photographic campaign!

Dita, for their superior quality metal/acetate combination.

Sunday Somewhere, stylish australian brand.

Vinylize, eyeglasses frames made out of vinyl records.

Tom Davies, bespoke eyeglasses that you can get totally customized in shape to fit your face and nose.

Dita, for their superior quality metal acetate combination.

Funk eyewear, BlueMagicEye, great designers, some of the best people we met.

And here’s our last gallery to close our Munich Report…


That’s it. Thanks Munich for hospitality. See you next year for sure!


Wood has been a steadily growing trend in eyeglasses during the last 5 years: the “natural” looks and soft colors of wooden frames, plus their lightness, make for a very good material to wear and to look at.

Even if the number of wooden eyeglassess manufactures has grown significantly lately,

but the ones who innovate are just a few.

Among the most interesting brands you can find right now:

VuerichB., from Barcelona, handcreating wooden frames from recycled maple skateboards with interesting techniques.

Rolf, from Austria, who managed to obtain a wood and stone laminated design.

w-eye, from Italy, one-piece wooden frames, that showed us a beautiful pearl on wood finish at Opti 2014.

Vision Wood, from Italy, who created a flexible mix of wood and cork.

W/SUN, from Paris, with an interesting translucent bio acetate containing chippings of recycled wood.

Other notable wood brands that we recommend are Feb 31st from Italy, Herrlicht, from Germany, Kraa Kraa from Finland. 

Check below for the full list of our selected brands that make wooden eyeglasses.


They Are Wearing: Cool Summer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of summer’s best statement accessories, expressing style, attitude and even a sense of humor as they perform their intended task of shielding eyes from harsh glare. They can also be the first thing one notices about the person wearing them, creating an instant identity: elegant, quirky, sophisticated, sporty, retro-loving.

On the streets of Paris, Milan and New York during the recent couture shows and men’s fashion weeks to stylish neighborhoods and art festivals in Tel Aviv, Barcelona, St. Petersburg and Venice, we focused our lenses on the most memorable shades of summer.

Vintage Rounded Frames for Men

Tortoise-Shell Shades

Quirky Shapes

Cat-eye Beauty

Coloured Reflections

Source: WWD