Terry Richardson – the world's most famous glasses

Fotografo de renove, Terry Richardson ja teve a oportunidade de fazer quase tudo na sua vida – editou varios livros com as suas fotografias, fotografou um calendario da Pirelle, e contractado por inumeras revistas e marcas de roupa e trabalha com todo o tipo de ‘famosos’ e nao so. A Kate Moss e uma das suas melhores amigas, a Carie Roitfeld adora as suas ‘criacoes’, as modelos mal conseguem esperar para ser fotografadas por ele – a Abbey Lee e a Lindsay Wixem sao habiatuais no seu estudio, e o senhor ate ja fotografou o Justin Bieber para a LOVE – tinhamos que ter aqui um downturn nao e verdade! ahaha.

Conhecido pelas suas fotografias pseudo pornograficas, o fotografo nunca passa despercibido. No entanto ele e ainda mais conhecido por outro motivo – os seus oculos!!

World know photographer, Terry Richardson has had the opportunity to do almost everything in his life. He has several published books with his photos (more recently the ‘Lady Gaga’ self named book), he shot a Pirelli calendar, he is hired by several top magazines and fashion brands and he works with all types of famous people and non-famous people. Kate Moss is one of his best friends, Carine Roitfeld loves his work, Models can’t wait to be shot by him – Abbey Lee and Lindsay Wixen are usuals in his studio, he even shot Just Biebier for LOVE magazine – I couldn’t just give you good stuff right? ahaha.

He is known for his pseudo porn photography, this photographer doesn’t go without notice, however what he is really famous for it’s his glasses!

Podemos ver no seu website e blog que as ‘estrelinhas’ que TR fotografa adoram tirar a classica fotografia ‘ X person as me’  onde basicamente roubam os oculos ao nosso fotografo atrevido favorito e poem se na pele do fotografo por alguns minutos. Deixo=-vos aqui alguns exemplos do que estou a falar – de momento acho que nao ha ninguem que nao queira ser fotografado/a por este senhor e ter a oportunidade de tirar a classica fotografia ‘as me’.

We can see in his website and diary that our little stars love to take the classic pic ‘person X as me’ where they basically steal Terry’s glasses and make a couple of poses with them finding out what is being in the photographer’s skin for a coouple of minutes. I will leave you with some of those photos – right now I believe that there is no one that does not want to be photgraped by this gentleman!


Crazy for Ahlem Eyewear

Ahlem Manai-Platt doesn’t know how cool, talented, and beautiful she is, and that’s what makes her special. She doesn’t understand how, in just one year and three months, Ahlem Eyewear has earned a half-page spread in Vogue and support from superstars like Beyoncé, who recently purchased two pairs of Ahlem sunglasses while shopping in Paris. French born, LA based Manai-Platt—one of this year’s Racked Young Guns—is just trying to make it like the rest of us, but the difference is that she has singlehandedly created a brand that is changing the fashion game right before our eyes.

Earlier this week, holistic guru Shiva Rose explained that now more than ever, people want to “spend their money on items that are made with care and love, and the old paradigm of shopping in malls or buying impersonal, mass-made factory items is getting tired.” Manai-Platt answers this call perfectly, offering a range of limited-edition styles that go through a painstakingly detailed process to make, achieving a sense of exclusivity that excites today’s savviest shoppers.

We stopped by Manai-Platt’s dreamy home and studio in Venice to learn more about her serendipitous success, future plans, and feelings about Kanye West.

Why Beyoncé-Approved Ahlem Eyewear Is Changing the Fashion Game

When did you move to LA to start your brand?

After working in the fashion industry for eight years as a buyer for Acne Studios and Prada Group, my husband and I moved here in November 2013. At the time, I had the idea of Ahlem Eyewear, but didn’t do anything with it. Then, in December I started talking with a Paris-based artisanal factory and sent them drawings of styles I wanted. They vectorized them and made a piece of plastic to see how they fit on the face, then I chose the acetate—which are either all vintage, rare acetate or from the best house of acetate in the world—then chose the lenses, and here we are!

Since you do everything yourself, including PR, how did you spread the word about your debut collection?

I still remember the day when it all began. On April 14, 2014, DHL delivered my first collection—I had no idea what I was doing until the day that I received my first stock. For me, I was just doing drawings and playing around with design, but the day that I received the final product I was like, “Holy shit, this is real!” I didn’t know what to do, so I went into my garden and looked at a list of retailers that a friend of mine told me to contact. I cold called Karina who owns C by Karina in Beverly Hills and said, “Hello, my name is Ahlem and I’m an eyewear designer.” (I didn’t know what I was doing.) “I have these glasses and would love to see you.” She told me to come in that day, so I came, and she bought the entire collection on the spot. She gave me my wings!

Same with David Gonzales, who owned Fred Segal Eyes in Santa Monica for 20 years before it recently closed. I called him, and he told me to come in right away. I came in, and he also bought the entire collection. Karina and David were the first two people I met in this country. They were my very first supporters, so I get emotional when talking about them.

Why Beyoncé-Approved Ahlem Eyewear Is Changing the Fashion Game

Why do you think Ahlem Eyewear has attracted early success?

I never thought this would happen in just one year, really. I never thought that Vogue would feature us, and I never thought that I’d be interviewed by Racked. It’s all so amazing.

I think people are interested in our attention to detail, and how we focus on quality or over quantity. I don’t do fast-fashion; if you go to my factory in Paris, you will see all these artisans working slowly, but not lazy. Eight people work on one frame, and it takes more than a week to produce. It’s not about design for us because that’s subjective, but quality and detail are not subjective. We do everything in a very pragmatic way and want the best for every single detail.For instance, every style that features vintage acetate has a number etched into the temple.

People are also interested in how we release our styles. 13 new styles are released every six months, and two to three frames are introduced to the collection every three months. These new styles are in total continuity with the rest of the collection, so everything is cohesive. For vintage acetate frames, only 100 are leased of each, and that’s it.

What styles are getting the most attention?

The whole collection is getting attention, which is exciting. Teen Voguerecently featured the Pigalle, and Beyoncé purchased the St. Martin (see below) at Colette in Paris. Kendall Jenner has two of our styles: the Concordeand Bastille.

Why Beyoncé-Approved Ahlem Eyewear Is Changing the Fashion Game

Tell us more about Beyoncé!

The buyer at Colette in Paris told me that she came in with Jay Z and ran to my glasses and picked up two pairs. No one told her anything about them, she just naturally liked them and purchased them herself.

Although I don’t think of celebrities when I’m designing, I’m so happy that they’re enjoying them. I would really love to see Kanye West in Ahlem Eyewear. I love that he has no filter and says anything he wants. He’s like a child, and I love that.

Kanye x Ahlem = YES. So, what’s next for you? Do you have plans to move into a studio or hire a team?

Right now, I like working in my home. It’s cool like this. I want to take things slow; it’s not my goal to explode on the market. Plus, we can’t do that because everything is handmade, which is very time consuming. We’ll move when it’s too tight here. As for a team, I have one assistant, Drew, but I don’t plan on hiring a PR agency any time soon because I love meeting people and talking to them myself.

Why Beyoncé-Approved Ahlem Eyewear Is Changing the Fashion Game

Do you have plans to open a store?

We just opened a shop-in-shop at Rand+Statler in San Francisco, which will be there for a year. I’d love to launch a shop-in-shop in LA, and eventually open a permanent Ahlem Eyewear store. For now, we’re just focused on getting into more stores.

Now that you’re an honorary Angeleno, where do you hang out in LA?

I have a happy place called Malibu Farm. I love the food and I love that it’s near a Mediterranean-style beach. Here in Venice, I love Gjusto, Gjelina, and Intelligentsia. In fact, 90% of the friends that I’ve made in LA, I met at Gjelina, and Intelligentsia! I really love making new friends.

Source: Racked NY

The Possibility Of Round Glasses


John Lennon lives forever is not just because  his influence in music, also because he can always be a fashion icon, especially his round glasses. Another example of round glasses is hippie style, like the movie <Almost Famous> , Kate Hudson wears a round and colored lence sunglasses.And nowadays, another fashion icon – Iris Apfel, makes her distinctive look with an oversized round glasses.

And on fashion runway or photo shooting, you can see the round glasses in other possibility.


Fashion photographer Koen Vernimmen lands his avant-garde take to designer Six Lee s/s 2012 collection.


Henrik  Vibskov A/W 2010


Henrik  Vibskov A/W 2011


Henrik  Vibskov S/S 2012


     MASSADA S/S 2011


Adaptive Eyewear is an UK-based NGO (non-governmental organization), they aim to correct the vision in the developing world who is underserved. By using a liquid-filled lens, wearers can self-adjust using detachable syringes until the prescription is just right for them. It looks cool in fashion industry but it got the story behind the glasses.

New glasses designers: Ralph Anderl and Ic! Berlin

ralph-anderl ic! berlin

ralph-anderl ic! berlin

He is german, stylish and fashion… In my opinion he is a “genius at work”!

Ralph Anderl is one of the founder of Ic-Berlin, the brand famous for its screwless sheetmetal frames.

Ralph is someone who does not pass by unnoticed. An amazing person, cheerful, positively crazy  and madly  creative. He is the protagonist of many of the advertisement campaign of Ic Berlin!, a earthquake of energy.

We have asked him to tell us a short story of his life, how he started to work in the eyewear field.

Dear  Ralph, thank you for your time with us. We are very curious, we would like to discover who are you…?
I was born in a little city in north of Germany: the famous place Oldenburg. a bike-city! beautiful and good to leave after grown up. after I finished school, I start university in an even smaller city:, a place close to Hannover. I studied art, literature, philosophy and politics.. all was in practice and theory. I were focusing the studies very much so I finished with after 2,5 years and went to BERLIN! there I wrote my diploma and later thesis. and during this writing, the glasses dropped into my life…

In September 2011 again the Silmo d’or, an international award that honors creativeness, innovation and quality in eyewear. He have won with his model Power Law, a new sunaglasses.

The name Power low have its origins in a special kind of mathematical relationship between two quantities. The power law of ic! berlin is not hard to understand! it has only one rule: power law makes women and men 2,98 % more strong, powerful and tall, than they really are! His power law rules the world…. it got the silmo d’or 2011 in the “sunglass” category.

Speaking with Ralph and reading his site and his blog, we discover that the story was started in 1996 with a first series that was offered for sale to the public in the “design-transfer gallery” (in Berlin) during a launch party. The visitors at the event were able to purchase vouchers, which they then could exchange for a pair of glasses after three months time. thirty-two courageous people went for it. Two years later he went to Milan for his first international fair. That was the beginning….

Ic berlin glasses are famous for the innovative patent that made ??eyewear absolutely no screws. They are very light and thin. We want to ask him to define in a few words his glasses.

How can you defined your frames and your style?
Ralph: Light, simple, comfortable. The style is from conservative to super crazy stylish. The sheet metal is a very open space for creativity and we are fully playing with it.

Ralph and his glasses are famous all over the world, many European and American stars have already fallen in love with his creations.

Then we ask him what is his next target.

You are one of the most famous glasses’maker and you have created a wonderful brand. What is your main dream for the future ?
to paint again and singing more opera… in milano for example… don carlo…  ic! berlin’s future is strong roadmovie.

This is Ralph! This is Ic-Berlin!  This is how “An unconventional conception of a conventional object becomes a daily companion”.

Describe him and his energy was not easy, but it was really an honor for me! If you know him, he overwhelms you with his spirit and his strength.

I hope I have made you curious about him and have convinced you to go read his website, his blog.

Glasses ain't nothing without a face

via tokyofaces

Via stockholmstreetstyle

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via the satorialist

via the satorialist

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via Hi Styley

via Hi Styley

Keep uploading your photos on weloveglasses guys. There ain’t nothing as inspiring as seeing glasses come alive on someones face. And my new years promise: This year my camera is finally going to see some daylight when I go down town to catch some eyewear streetstyle. Hope you all have some new eyewear treasures to show of!

8 reasons to get on the tortoiseshell trend now

A black pair of glasses are the basic eyewear for almost everyone but adding an edge never hurt nobody. This style is one that deserves to shine for reasons more than one. The Wow factor of this style can make you go from an average 5 to a stylish 10.

We present to you 8 reasons to get tortoiseshell eyewear now!

1) They are a timeless classic

The basic staple pieces in your wardrobe are usually the classic pieces from your go to jeans to that perfect leather bag. Update your classic pieces by opting for a tortoiseshell framed for your next pair of glasses!

2) The Unisex Factor

We absolutely love the fact that this style is suitable for both men and women!

3) Sophisticated yet soft

There are so many ways to wear a tortoiseshell framed glasses, here we are the sophisticated way or wearing defined by the shape of the eyewear.

4) One way or another

Versatility is one of the cool main factors to this style. From vintage to preppy, a pair of glasses in this style can take you a long long way.

5) The new black

It is slowly becoming the “IT” eyewear, models and celebrities are the voice of style in society now and they are catching up with this trend quickly. Famous names from actors to models such as Brad Pitt, Katy Perry, Johnny Depp to style icons like Karlie Kloss, Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr are just a few of the celebrities making Tortoiseshell the new Black.

6) Perfectly vintage

You can transform this to a pair of perfect vintage glasses, from glasses to sunglasses. There is to limitations to the type of style specific for tortoiseshell, as mentioned above it can go from vintage to a classic timeless just by the shape of the eyewear

7) Prep it up

Keyhole bridge glasses in caramel brown will give you a studious, preppy look while adding a touch of glamor and spunk.

8) No animals were harmed

Don’t worry, these glasses are NOT made of tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell were originally materials used for a variety of purposes in the past for which we would now use plastic to create these amazingly stylish eyewear.

Here are our favourite Tortoiseshell Frames handpicked for you!

massada weloveglasses

Massada Eyewear


L.G.R Tortoiseshell Eyewear

L.G.R Tortoiseshell Eyewear

Il 2012 è l'anno degli occhiali in legno

Naturali, fatti a mano, colorati, brevettati…. Ultimamente c’è solo l’imbarazzo della scelta per chi vuole un occhiale da sole in legno. Ogni designer ha scelto il suo tratto distintivo, un piccolo o grande dettaglio che lo renda diverso da tutti gli altri: puristi, ecosostenibili, tecnologici, e… .

Il primo da citare nel mondo degli occhiali di legno è Herrlicht, che ha scelto la strada del “puro legno”.
Andreas Licht
è un designer tedesco che ha creato il suo marchio tedesco nel 2005. Lavora davvero solo con il legno, lo intaglia a mano pezzo dopo pezzo, lo leviga, lo modella, non usa nessuna macchina industriale e non usa nessuna parte di metallo o di plastica, neanche una vite. Crea occhiali unici al mondo e ha già vinto due premi internazionali Silmo d’Oro.

Sul suo sito (www.herrlicht.de) si può vedere un video con tutte le fasi di lavorazione.

Gli abbiamo chiesto cosa secondo lui rende i suoi prodotti diversi da tutto cià che si trova sul mercato.

When I started in 2005 my frames had been the first made solely from wood without any plastics or metal parts. Our frames are made by hand, that means we use our hands not only for the finishing or polishing. That results in an average production time of 10 hours for a piece” che tradotto è “quando ho iniziato nel 2005 I miei occhiali sono stati I primi fatti solo in legno, senza nessuna parte di metallo o plastica. I nostri occhiali sono fatti a mano, questo vuol dire che noi usiamo le nostre mani non solo per la finitura e la lucidature. Ci vogliono in media 10 ore per realizzare un singolo pezzo


Americani di Portland sono invece i ragazzi di SHwood. Nella loro città hanno aperto un wood-shop dove disegnano e creano tutti i loro occhiali. In questi mesi stanno arrivando anche in Italia! (www.shwoodshop.com)

Abbiamo chiesto anche a loro di descriverci i loro prodotti:

All our eyewear is handcrafted in our Portland, USA woodshop.  Everything from our glasses to packaging is made by hand.  We use sustainable exotic woods, sourced from authorized and supervised plantations in different African countries.  The glasses feature lenses from Carl Zeiss and a custom wool storage pouch.”

 “tutti I nostri l occhiali sono prodotti artigianalmente nel nostro woodshop di Portland. Tutto, dagli occhiali al packaging, è fatto a mano. Usiamo Legni esotici eco-sostenibili, materiali da piantagioni Africane autorizzare e sorvegliate. Le lenti sono Carl Zeiss e gli astucci sono in pura lana”


Decisamente tecnologici sono i prodotti di W-eye. Dove non arriva il legno, arriva W-eye con l’alluminio combinato al legno. Il brand italiano, nasce sull’idea di inserire un sottile foglio di alluminio all’interno del legno. Questo conferisce leggerezza ed elasticità. Non hanno viti ne cerniere; sono un unico pezzo sagomato di questo loro speciale materiale nato dall’unione tra legno e alluminio. (www.w-eye.it)

Sul loro sito si piò leggere come è nata questa idea e come riescono a realizzare

Il tutto ha inizio dalla scelta dei sottili fogli in legno dello spessore di 0,5 mm, i quali vengono associati a seconda delle loro caratteristiche meccaniche ed estetiche. I 7 fogli in legno e i 2 in allumino si intercalano disponendo le fibre, ad intervalli longitudinali e trasversali, per rendere il tutto resistente ed elastico allo stesso tempo.”
E pensare che tutto è nato per divertimento, quello di un padre falegname, che un giorno ha costruito un paio d’occhiali ai propri figli piccoli.


Per chi ama i prodotti eco-sostenibili, ci sono gli occhiali di Grown vision. L’idea è di un gruppo di Surfisti australiani che nell’inverno del 2012 hanno iniziato la loro avventura negli occhiali. L’idea era semplice, disegnare e produrre occhiali con legno originale biologico ed ecosostenibile. Hanno scelto il bamboo e montano solo lenti polarizzate! (www.growndesigns.com)


Tra i più apprezzati, da chi ama la cultura “street” (e anche tra la redazione maschile di WeLoveGlasses) troviamo Vuerich B azienda catalana, di Barcellona, che recupera vecchie tavole da skate e le intarsia, creando occhiali da sole assolutamente unici. Da un processo di lavorazione, assolutamente artigianale, (sotto trovate il loro video) nascono i loro prodotti: il design classico della “maschera da sole” è abbinato il colore derivato dalle vecchie tavole da skate consumate probabilmente sul lungo mare di Barcellona, o nel piazzale del MACBA. Anche la lente non è lasciata al caso, montando lenti CR-39 Sunlens by Carl Zeiss. (www.vuerichb.com)



Ok, ora puoi vedere tutta la gallery qua sotto:

You Can Buy Glasses Inspired By Famous Typefaces

Any competent print designer can name a typeface at a glance. But can they name a typeface hidden in a pair of eyewear? That’s the question.

Because a new collection of glasses by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy’s Tokyo arm and retailer Oh My Glasses turns Eurostile, Optima, Friz Quadrata and Serif Gothic typefaces into wearable frames. Even better—and this is the best sort of marketing cheese—they’re available in light, regular, and bold. The collection is an expansion on the Helvetica, Garamond, and other frames released last year.

What’s so notable about the collection, however, isn’t just its irresistibly clever nomenclature. Many elements of the designs are actually lifted from features hiding in each typeface. The link of a lower case “g” makes its way into the Garamond nosepiece perfectly. Check out more here.

In other cases, it appears that the glasses are more loosely inspired by the tone of each typeface. Optima feels like it matches the vibe perfectly, even if I can’t discern the actual arms or stems of the letters playing out in the frames. But the Eurostile glasses, feel like a bit of a miss. They lack the iconic, curved rectangular symmetry of the typeface’s O, Q, and S glyphs—which would make for a more aggressive, chunky pair of glasses (something more along the lines of these). Even still, I guess saying that you own a pair of Eurostiles is still more interesting than admitting you just bought the latest release from Warby Parker.

Source: Fast Company

From Brooklyn Spectacles, with love

An innovative eyewear brand based in and inspired by Brooklyn. In 2012, eyewear industry veteran Jenny Ma set out the merge her love of fashion with her entrepreneurial experience as the co-owner of Luxeye optical, and her vision was soon realized with the birth of Brooklyn Spectacles. Over the last three years, Brooklyn Spectacles has become an internationally recognized purveyor of innovative eyewear that is both durable and trend driven.
The brand is thrilled to have recently made the next natural step in its rapid expansion with the opening of their first retail store at 209 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We sit and chat with the Founder of Brooklyn Spectacles, Jenny Ma to find out more that goes behind the story of Brooklyn Spectacles.

Brooklyn Spectacle Jenny Ma
Why the name Brooklyn Spectacles? 

Spectacle designs and ideas inspired in Brooklyn – hence the name, Brooklyn Spectacles. 

What is the most radical comment about your glasses? 

“OMG, I can’t believe these frames are actually plastic!” we hear this a lot when folks pick up our faux wood frames for the first time because they feel incredibly like real timber.

What is the design process of each glasses? 

In short, we listen to consumer requests and survey our friends along with being inspired by every thing we can see in front of us from colours to shapes and textures. All of this data fuels our inspiration and then we get to work curating all of this inspiration into our forthcoming frame designs.



Do explain your tag line “Bringing a little bit of Brooklyn to you?” 

Brooklyn is the birthplace of so much creativity, ingenuity, talent and innovation. It’s a simple sentiment with the intention to impart all that is great within Brooklyn. It’s kind of like a ‘toast’ from us to you. Also, our tagline recently evolved slightly. Still keeping the sentiment of bringing a little bit of Brooklyn to you but with a little bit more love. Our new tagline: “The heart of Brooklyn beats in every pair of Brooklyn Spectacles.”

Describe the person you design for. 

Since we hope to one day see everyone in our frames, we are designing with the intention to be everyone’s primary pair of glasses. We want people to look great and feel confident so they can put their best foot forward and concentrate on what matters most to them.


Where are your materials sourced from?

Quality components can be found all over the globe – from Asia to Italy. For our latest collection we sourced acetate from world-renowned Italian factory “Mazzucchelli”, while using the best hardware from China.

Which local independent artists and musicians are you most inspired by? 

Our inspiration comes from everywhere; everyday there are new murals on the walls here in Williamsburg Brooklyn by amazing graffiti artists as well as new and re-appearing musicians both on street corners and the subway.  Every day there is something interesting and unique happening in Brooklyn that drives our creativity.

How many new designs for you launch for each collection? 

Our goal is to release 4-6 new models at least twice a year, but we’ve been known to add more styles outside of these releases when inspiration strikes.

13701730435_9c0820d6c8_b BrooklynSpectacles_July_Classic

What is the most common mistake when getting a pair of glasses?

Choosing the pair that someone else, other than you, loves. Although the three main components of choosing glasses are: shape, size and color; the most important element is choosing the pair that you love and feel the most confident in. We believe confidence is beauty, and that will never be out of style. On the technical side, we feel strongly that consumers should only buy glasses from their local Opticians to ensure vision acuity and proper fit.


What are Brooklyn Spectacle’s future plans? 

Besides becoming a household name that no human could possibly live without…haha, just kidding….or am I?

Check out Brooklyn Spectacle’s now!

A new concept is born – Hair Glasses

Studio Swine Hair Glasses

Studio Swine Hair Glasses

A new concept is born – sustainable fashion eye year – glasses made from human hair and bioresine (yes, it is okay to be speechless after you read this, I was too! shah).

This project is quite new and was born from a partnership between the english Royal College of Art and Studio Swine, a multi-disciplinary design practice by Azusa Murakami and Groves Alexander. Up until now 9 pairs have been designed of these super 100% biodegradable glasses available (8 sunnies and 1 optical). No toxic substance is released on the production which makes them even more green :) In my opinion they look pretty nice and cool! I would love to go about in the streets carrying one of these models, wouldn’t you?  Now, we only need to wait for them to be available on stores!