Sometimes its easy to forget that the lenses in your prescription glasses has been developed and not always looked they same. The improvement has occurred over time, even if not in a rapid speed. I remember those heavy glass lenses my grand parents used to wear.

I used to borrow them sometimes, hold them in my hands close to my face and laugh whiles getting dizzy of the world that occurred on the other side of the lenses. When I got older and needed prescription myself, the lenses had changed. Glass had turned into light weight plastic and now there is the choice between anti-reflective coating, scratch resistant coating, anti-fog and UV lens treatments.

The other day I found out about adaptive eyewear, a non-profit company based on the thought of being able to provide many prescriptions through one pair of lenses. Adaptive Eyewear aims to help people in areas where there is a lack of expertise and money to fulfill the needs of providing glasses to those who need it. They have a good mission, and an interesting idea, that challenge the image of what a lens is. What I think of the design point of view in this project is another question, but its interesting with a project that explores the posiblilities of developing the technology of lenses so that more people can benefit from it. If you want to find out more about the project visit