Welcome to the new We Love Glasses!

October 15, 2014

We’re proud to present you the brand new version of We Love Glasses.

The main idea behind this website is to be useful for eyeglasses lovers to be informed about the “design eyeglasses” world, showcasing the best brands of the market, connecting people to designers and brands.

We are trying to do it with clean visuals, we aim to make it easy for everyone to find, access and understand what’s happening in the eyewear market.

So, what’s new?

1. Focus on what’s trending in the eyewear market

First, the website main focus is expanding from a social-driven website to a sort of buyer’s “guide” that wants to help people to discover the coolest brands and styles in eyewear.

We’re focusing our attention to new materials, production techniques, trends and emerging designers by keeping in contact with market professionals and attending the big events dedicated to eyeglasses design.
We selected and reviewed the best brands and designers of the market during the last two years: all the information we collected now is available to you.

The new Trends&Styles section will give you an overview on particular styles or trends of the moment: so, if you’re still looking to buy those wood eyeglasses, we have a Trends&Stykes: Wood page. There you will find general information on this material, related articles, user pictures from the community, and the best brands manufacturing that style.

The “social” part of the website is still here, you will find it labeled as community and is integrated with the rest of the site.

2. New looks, improved design

Our wish was to make the website easier to navigate and nicer for your eyes: less clutter, bigger pictures, more relevant content.

3. More brands = more choice for you

The new Brands sections contains filters to help you select only the stuff you’re interested into: for example, if you’re looking for some cool wood eyeglasses, just click on the “wood” filter, and we’ll show you only the best brands that produce wooden frames, hiding the rest. But wait!

We really hope that our selection of eyewear brands will help you choose your next beautiful pair of eyeglasses.


We’re going to constantly expand our Brands section, keeping an eye on what they show at tradeshows.

4. Coming very soon: Shops.

We’re selecting the best eyeglasses shops/boutiques around the world to make it easier for you to find the eyeglasses you love. Stay tuned.


The website will be enriched with more and more content during the coming months.

I hope my website will be useful to you, and maybe help you in discovering fresh and exciting things from the eyeglasses world.

— Fabrizio Tucci

Founder, weloveglasses.com