Blackfin - The Brand

An eyewear for those who are not familiar with the word banality, but who wish to explore the paths of the soul and the world. And who therefore do not need normal goods, but merely tools: highly individualised, with high performances, capable of encompassing technical skill and artistic vocation. Truly inimitable items, that is. Made of titanium: to combine strength, lightness and flexibility. Made following 53 production steps: the expression of an industrial, but still artisan working method.

Each Blackfin model can become as unique as each person who wears it. Just as no two people are alike, each piece of Blackfin eyewear can be one of a kind. The fact that the temples can adapt to any face, plus laser personalisation options and the superb range of ever-evolving colours exalt the uniqueness of the product and of the people who choose it.