DokoMotto - The Brand

DokoMotto : “Doukou” in Japanese means pupil and “Motto” is the english word. This name is a wink to the Japanese world where the French brands are displayed without complexes.

With the DokoMotto sunglasses, the curves, the vanishing points but also the colour mixing and the combination of materials. The avant-garde design of some pieces go alongside with other shapes interpreted in a more sensual and glamorous way.
Proposed in limited edition, numbered and secured, each spectacle frame is unique as handmade in the pure Jura tradition.

Your sun protection is provided by high performance technology meeting the current standards and is developed by the company “Dalloz Creation” situated in Saint Claude, France.

The innovation of the system “Tesa VeoMark” through your certificate of authenticity gives your spectacle frames a total protection from forgery.

Every day, the craftsmen taking part in the DokoMotto sunglasses production make sure to strengthen the excellent reputation of the art eyewear knowledge carried by the elders.