Tarian - The Brand

The Parisian designer approaches eyewear with creative artistry and a wickedly, wonderful sense of humour.

“I am a designer and artistic director of eyewear products. When designing glasses, there are really no differences in the creative aspects. It is a part of one point: How to make something new and exciting. I consider each aspect of the brand and they all have the same value.”

“The style is very sensual, and I pay attention to never attack the face with frames. Glasses must never be a detriment to a person. The Tarian philosophy is to create frames with the maximum expression and perfect wear ability. Fifty percent of fine frame design is in the nose fitting, and a strong focus on design details makes the difference.”

Jérémy’s heritage in a legendary eyewear family confirms that eyewear artistry is in his genes. During a study period in Berlin, he joined ic! berlin. His talents were immediately recognised, and he won a Silmo d’Or in 2008 -the coveted “Oscar” of eyewear. In 2011, he decided to strike out on his own, and created Tarian, at twenty-four years of age. He was awarded another Silmo d’Or in 2012, for hisiconic Saintonge sunglasses.

Always interested in developing new concepts, in the summer of 2014 Jérémy launched Tarian + a special project that invites artists to collaborate with him and create a unique frame design. Tarian + was born out of his Master Class held at HEAD – Genève in Switzerland. A splendid example of eyewear innovation is the Limited Edition design 360° in collaboration with Berlin artist Judith Sönnicken.

“Tarian + is an invitation, an overture like a musical composition,” says Jérémy, “and I want people to experiment and experience something new with glasses, like the 360° frame developed with Judith. 360° provides total vision in absolute secrecy, as the frame enables a clear view in all directions. Thirty-three percent of each lens is mirrored on the inside to look at what is happening behind and next to you. It was originally conceived as a spy gadget.”

The possibilities of visuals and videos captures Jérémy’s imagination, and his campaigns combine daring and humour. “At Tarian, we like to create visuals that are unique and memorable. I am always attracted by the synergies and the unexpected in creation – but there must also be an awareness of what sells – we are not a gallery.”

“However, bringing art into the eyewear environment creates a very visual existence. It is important to ease the demarcation between the world of clothing and accessories, and those of art. What I like is to let my free spirit tell a story. I want to do this with each of my collections. I like to dig for the cultural references – right and left – that permit renewal, and allow surprises. Our latest campaign “Be Sure-Footed – Be Framed by Tarian” arouses people’s curiosity and sense of fun.”

The creative process is an extremely individual experience, and Jérémy reflects on how this influences his frame creations and the development of the Tarian collection. “I like to create the brand identity based on my life and personal passions. I followed an education technique at a commercial school that didn’t really force me to ask myself questions. To define solutions, it is necessary to take a sane distance with influences and know your direction.”