LPLR Eyewear - The Brand

Designed and Handmade in France by a french team. LPLR Eyewear (acronym for ” La Petite Lunette Rouge “) is born out of an encounter between Alison Hemmes, designer and Hilarhi Arcade, founder of the brand. Their passion for contemporary art guided them into a quest of singularity and modernism. They wished to revisit the popular 80s “clip on” by putting a double bridge characterize with a red line on all their frames, their unique brand signature. The collection is exclusively handmade in France. Only pleasure and fun guided their imagination around different visionaries.

Our heroes and influences:
Boldness, to us, is the most unique and inspiring trait and quality of all.

Raymond Loewy, during his time, had plenty! All his work and creativity were extremely modern. For instance, his Lucky Strike packaging, which he created in 1940, is still on the market, even though it seemed so bold and extravagant back then. We also have a very soft spot for Marcel Duchamp and his non conformist designs. Daring to put a moustache on the famous Joconde, along with its extremely provocative title LHOOQ, simply was pure genius. We both love to break the rules and traditions, and that gives us a lot of room to play! Hilarhi always tells Alison that rules are made to be broken, and we play a lot with this.

Famous Architect Zaha Hadid is also a favorite: she breaks and changes all traditional rules and styles, and all the buildings she designed are true pieces of contemporary art. There is also the energy of Jean Michel Basquiat! Therefore, we can really say that we are curious to discover, and that we find sources of inspiration everywhere.We also love to revisit different styles and add our personal touch, our unique twist on them.

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