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Any abuse of our system (voting spam, advertising) will result in your picture removed, so please keep sharing the love responsibly 🙂


Privacy Policy

When you sign up for an account with We Love Glasses, we collect personal information from you including your e-mail address, and a password.

We may also collect the URL from which you linked into our site, your IP address, and your browser type and version, all of which are collected in an anonymous manner without being linked to any of your personal information.

When uploading a photo, you declare to be the owner of the picture and allow us to publish it on weloveglasses.com.

We do not, and have never, sold or disseminated (except in cases where required to by law enforcement agencies) the personal information of our users to any parties outside of weloveglasses.com. We use account information for the purposes of creating and maintaining individual user accounts, contacting users in case of a problem with their account, sending personal information, for statistical purposes, to administer our systems, to conduct surveys, to administer drawings or contests, and to provide technical support. All of our development is done in-house, and hence no contracted parties will ever have access to individual account information.


Last updated 25th August 2015