Cutler and Gross Making of Italy Handmade

Cutler & Gross: What Goes Into a Pair of High-End, Italian-Made Sunglasses

Cutler and Gross may be based in London, but the 47-year-old brand has been making its frames in Cadore, Italy since it outgrew its small Knightsbridge workshop back in the ’80s. Nestled in the mountains not far from Austria, the region is known as a center of high-quality frame construction, and the company just produced a video to highlight that tradition.

“Craftsmanship is at the core of our brand and we believe the luxury is in the quality of our frames,” says creative director Marie Wilkinson. “Our craftsmen still use traditional artisan techniques when creating the eyewear. Each frame takes four to six weeks to produce, and the process involves many steps from design to cutting, barrelling, bending, hinge insertion, polishing, and quality control. Every step is completed by hand.”

April 27, 2016