Watch The Evolution Of Men’s Eyewear In Under Three Minutes


Kicking things off with the 1930s, round tortoiseshells were just swell.

1930s: Round Tortoiseshell with Saddle Bridge

The 1940s introduced round glasses and metal aviators to the badasses out there.

1940s: Celluloid Rounded Aviators

And, of course with rock n’ rollers like Buddy Holly, the 1950s were all about Wayfarers and square glasses.

1950s: Browline Combos

Things took a turn for the suave in the 1960s. James Bond, anybody?

1960s: Wayfarer Style

Say hello to the totally groovy aviators and gradients of the 1970s and goodbye to that shirt.

1970s: Metal Aviators

Get your mullets ready, because they’re about to be trumped by oversized glasses in the 1980s.

Source: Buzzfeed
October 29, 2015