Sophisticated yet Edgy by Oliver Peoples

When I went to New York last April every day I went to have breakfast at Starbucks I passed by this eyewear shop. Very clean yet very fashionable. The window display showed the most amazing optical glasses and I was quite bumped that I just recently bought mine, otherwise I would so go for this brand. The whole ambiance made me wanna go inside and try every pair. It was just what I was looking for – something edgy, nerdy look, vintage, trendy yet sophisticated, clean and timeless.

I wanted to know more about this american brand born in 1986 in Los Angeles, and I soon found that even Andy Warhol had used a pair of these tech and fashionable glasses đŸ™‚ ahaha It is not only the object itself, it is a whole lifestyle! The glasses make me want to be part of this lifestyle, how about you?

To learn more about Oliver People and see their whole collection of optical and sun glasses go here and enjoy đŸ™‚