10 Cutting Edge Korean Eyewear Brands Gentle Monster Muzik Korean

8 Cutting Edge Korean Eyewear Brands

Korea’s fashion-forward culture is taking the eyewear world by storm. Korean eyewear designers are thriving on innovative designs as Korea quickly rises to be one of the top fashion cities in Asia. Each year, Seoul Fashion week has garnered more attention from the runways to street style trends. More Korean designers are now in the spotlight, here are 10 innovative and original Korean eyewear brands.

#1 Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a designer brand that constantly develops itself under a philosophy of “high-end experimentation.” We strive to astonish the world with our main five focuses: product, space, styling, culture redesign, and technology. Gentle Monster presents its brand philosophy and value through experimental and differentiated designs, along with various collaborative projects with brands such as TOME, CHRIS HABANA, PUSHBUTTON, JAINSONG, GROUNDZERO, HOOD BY AIR, OPENING CEREMONY and more.

#2 Muzik Eyewear

MUZIK is the design studio in Korea, which was created by artists and designers who had been working in cinematography, fashion, branding, and design and eyewear business fields, based on England, France and Korea.

As the first artwork of MUZIK studio, the fashion eyewear brand MUZIK was created in 2013. All MUZIK eye wears are manufactured in France under French manufacturer partner Louis who has about 30-year experience in eyewear industry with craftsmanship philosophy. And MUZIK is using DIVEL ITALIA sun lens, which has built a long history since World War Two.

MUZIK eye wear design is created under inspiration from music. All products name after music genre and case, which has real analogue speaker, is also designed under the concept, “enjoy music with people.”


IRRESISTOR is the combined word of prefix ‘IR’ and ‘RESIST’, which means the summation of all IRRESISTIBLE CREATION. Under the concept of ‘Blended Soul,’ we reinterpret the Phenomena and create the fresh and novel werks and that is the philosophy of IRRESISTOR. IRRESISTOR’s design identity is to suggest the ‘Style Agenda’ throughout the fashion, art, culture and lifestyle.

#4 NYBK Korea

NYBK is a brand founded by a group of talented young designers from the world’s leading fashion school Parson’s School of Design in New York. Reflecting deep inspiration from their various fashion design projects onto fashion accessories, NYBK successfully launched its F/W 2013 collection and has since been well received by trendsetters Worldwide.

NYBK products are crafted on the same production line, with the quality materials used by many of the luxury European brands. NYBK is able to avoid complicated distribution channels, which enables NYBK to accomplish a lofty objective of delivering accessories at a revolutionary price point to the fashion conscious customer.

#5 Truth Eyewear

Truth Eyewear truly designs eyewear and make your eyes happy beyond the meaning of simply making eyewear. Specialized in handmade metal and plastic glasses leading latest fashion eyewear. The Truth will always prevail.

#6 Caliphash

Caliphash iss stepped in the spirit of Black and Gothic that brings a classic and avant garde approach to all of its creation. Influenced by leather artisans since 1996, Caliphash created unconventional designs, focused on craftsmanship for it’s outstanding quality. Caliphash’s slogan “Darkness Most Beautiful” to all it’s creation mainly focuses on exploring and expressing the beauty of darkness.

#7 Pez Verde

The word, “pez verde“, is a Spanish combined with pez(fish) and verde(green) that is shall mean a “green fish”. Based on structural & functional perspectives of glasses, the classical design of European style has been reinterpreted as simple and modern. The emotion in green has been interpreted as balance, harmony, freshness, youth, and vital force to be placed at each design.

#8 grafik:plastic

grafik:plastic is a local Korean eyewear brand based in Seoul and specializing in glasses and sunglasses. The style is innovative, modern and minimalistic and their products are very popular among local fashionistas and celebrities in Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the US. The conventional eyewear design with the front and the temples are firmly linked together to form a frame but grafik:plastic’s approach does not apply to the glasses and sunglasses of the Grafik Plastic collection – in their designs the temples have been designed to be detachable and can be changed according to the wearer’s wishes. The temples are already available in several colours and the manufacturer has promised to constantly release new variations.

June 27, 2017