Rigards partners with Royal Selangor: Horn + Pewter

We’re thrilled about Rigards’ latest collaboration with Royal Selangor, the largest pewter manufacturer in the world.

“HORN + PEWTER” is the new collaborative design that tries to give new life to Yong Koon (Royal Selangor founder) original eyeglasses.




The hand- sculpted silhouette of the frame is characterized by round concave rims and an “M” shaped bridge, embedded with diminutive hand-carved pewter ornamentations.

The slender arms —mirroring the fluid lines of traditional pewtersmithing tools— feature an artful fusion of materials: horn for the upper half, and pewter with a “hammered” satin finish for the arm tips. The hand-hammered dimpled patterns create improved grip while calling attention to the technical virtuosity of Royal Selangor artisans and the beauty and malleability of pewter (which also means temple adjustments can be carried out with ease).

The rims of the frame front are hand-polished to a velvety sheen, while the rest of the horn structure is rendered, again by hand, in a contrasting matte texture.
A custom leather case embossed with Royal Selangor’s classic wave motif gives an additional touch of class.

About Royal Selangor

History. Tradition. Artisanship. Family. Few brand names exemplify these qualities as perfectly as ROYAL SELANGOR. From modest beginnings in 1885, when a young pewtersmith named Yong Koon sailed from the port of Shantou, China to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and opened a small shop crafting pewter objects, the company has evolved to become the world’s largest and most admired pewter maker.

Today, in spite of its size and over-a-century’s existence, the fourth-generation-run company remains a proud keeper of time-honored pewter practices, carefully making its products by hand whether they were intended as champagne chillers for LVMH Moët Hennessy or trophies for Formula One races.

The company also fosters a tradition of collaborating with artists and designers, continually enriching its archive with collaborative pieces that embody its spirit of reinvention and are now regarded as modern classics.

Yong Koon (with hand-on child's shoulder) in front of his first shop

Yong Koon (with hand-on child’s shoulder) in front of his first shop

March 12, 2015