Rihanna Teams up with Dior on a Futuristic Sunglasses Collection

Since launching her first full Fenty PUMA collection this year at NYFW and signing a three-year contract as contributing creative director of Stance, Rihanna continues to expand her fashion dominance with her latest sunglass collaboration with Dior. This is also the first time the couture house will be granting one of its ambassadors the privilege to work on a design project together.



A design original to Rihanna, who handpicked the materials and colour palettes herself, the collection features a futuristic eyewear silhouette in six different variations. The sunglasses will be exclusively available at Dior stores from early June. Each of these shades will retail for $840 USD, with the exception of a premium 24-karat-gold-plated version that will sell for $1,950 USD.

Source: Hypebae

May 26, 2016