Walter Van Beirendonck x KOMONO

October 19, 2022

Made in outer space. Discover the Otherwordly sunglasses.
An exclusive collaboration between KOMONO and Walter Van Beirendonck, the infamous Antwerp 6 designer. 

The time is now. After years of collaborating closely with the Royal Academy of fine Arts Antwerp, KOMONO is now proudly joining forces with the infamous Antwerp 6 designer Walter Van Beirendonck himself. Uncensored and powerful, this capsule collaboration brings Antwerp fashion to the forefront. 

Walter van Beirendonck_KOMONO_Eyewear Sunglasses Fashion

Debuted on the Parisian runway last January, this capsule is more than just an added accessory. Being one of the key items on the runway, the Otherworldly sunglasses refer to the strange times we are living in.

In contrast to Van Beirendonck’s usual style of colour blocking, this specific collection focusses on a monochromatic colour scheme and articulated structures. Inspired by vintage scuba diving goggles and made from bio nylon, these sunglasses appeal to our shared, critical and creative generation. Reflecting the right zeitgeist. 

Walter van Beirendonck_KOMONO_Eyewear Sunglasses Fashion

Van Beirendonck: ‘I knew exactly how I wanted my first design to look like and KOMONO knew how to translate this. The whole developing process ran its course full of respect and creativity. How a collaboration should be!’