Warby Parker’s New Glasses Bring Winter Layering to Eyewear

Warby Parker has made a name for itself selling stylish everyday eyewear that won’t put a major dent in your checking account, but for its latest collection, founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa wanted to do things a little differently.

The Windsor collection is the brand’s most offbeat offering to date, combining vintage-inspired looks with clip-on lenses and round-framed models that recall those worn by guys like John Lennon and David Hockney back in the day. And though it clearly takes its cues from mid-20th Century designs, the collection also draws inspiration from every guy’s favorite winter style move: layering.

“If you’re going to layer up for winter, why not start with your glasses?” asks Blumenthal. Rounded frames like the Henry and the Gillhorn start with lightweight Japanese titanium, which is then topped with handmade Italian acetate coils that are crafted using a 100-year-old technique. And models like the Durand and Chamberlain come with clip-on sunglass lenses that are wrapped in premium leather. It’s the same principle as throwing a topcoat over your bomber jacket for a little extra protection and style—except, you know, for your frames.

The aim was to create a capsule that’s not just special, but wearable. “We’ve been thinking about Windsor rims for more than a year, researching the best construction elements and design details to make these extra-special frames extra-collectible,” explains Gilboa. “With these frames, we were seeking to create that most quixotic of eyewear styles: a versatile statement piece.”

Source: Esquire
December 30, 2015