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14 Coolest Multi-Label Eyewear Stores & Opticians in New York

There’s something about stepping into an optician or eyewear shop and be swept away by the curated selection of choices you have right at your fingertips. Good things come to those who wait or search for it, these 15 shops in New York has a selection of brands from Asia, Europe and all around the world. Read More

Men’s Eyeglasses Trends 2016

Double Bridge Frames Unique double bridge frames creates a sleek flat top look, inspired by aviators from the 80’s. The Gold is in the Details Made famous by the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses, the gold details on eyeglasses has been raising in popularity especially amongst mens eyewear.    Vintage Rectangle Frames Rectangle frames has always been one of Read More

August 17, 2016

Frame Yourself Right with Oval Shaped Glasses

While trends come and go, the current zeitgeist of oval shaped glasses is here to stay for the long run. Oval shaped glasses have been worn by dignitaries and diplomats of time past simply because it exudes confidence and a silent intelligence. It has now been taken over by celebrities as a staple to their Read More

June 17, 2016

Trend Alert: 90’s Almost Round Metal Wire Frames

The 90’s trend has been emerging since a year or two, the transition of that has been reflected in the eyewear trends too. In this article, we specifically spot the Almost Round Frames, this profile updates the true round shapes that are more characteristic of the 1970s and 1980s. A small range of finishes, from Read More

June 9, 2015


I´m crazy! occhiali Ray-ban edizione London ^_^


Ray-Ban specchiati argento

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