As I step into an eyewear store to search for a new fabolous pair of glasses I often do get surpriced over the lack of love that has gone into the interior. Not inspiring at all! Why is that? I’ve tried to collect images of some nice looking eyewear stores that I would like to visit. Above is a store located in Venice, Califonia. A nice, clean and inexpencive display with a creative twist.

This Kirk Originals store does appeal to me even if Im not a big fan of black interiors. The cute neon sign and unusual display makes me want to visit it.

You can never go wrong with white…Pretty, simple and tidy but with no surprices. Mykitas store in Murkudis.

Maybe not the most exciting interior but the Ørgreen store in copenhagen does still appeal to me with its small wooden boxes.

Nice display solution I found on flickr

I hope to see some more interesting displays for the coming collections.

Feel free to send me tips if you know of a cool eyewear store.