Eyewear Trend Glasses BLACKFIN – Never Forget Your Past

BLACKFIN – Never Forget Your Past

Looking beyond. Always.

Never forget your past.

Always look ahead but never forget your past.

Blackfin, as it has grown and achieved success, has never lost sight of its own origins and their value. While the Blackfin’s gaze is firmly fixed on what lies ahead, it never forgets where it comes from and the words Never forget your past are the perfect expression of what makes up its DNA.

Eyewear Trend Glasses BLACKFIN – Never Forget Your Past

With a subtle balance between space and time Giovanni De Sandre’s knowing lens captures the soul of Blackfin in a series of images exuding emotional tension. A message that shot after shot reminds us that what we are today is the fruit of our past. What Blackfin is today is the result of a deep-rooted heritage that gives value to the present and builds the future.

A past that emerges majestically and is symbolised by the imposing Buzludzha monument on the peak of the same name in the Central Balkan Mountains, in Bulgaria, once a glorious icon of Communist power, now abandoned and crumbling. Seemingly in stark contrast to the thoroughly modern image of the two protagonists and their eyewear, it presents a real context surrounded by surreal scenery, emblematic of an authentic historical experience that now takes on new meaning as an unknown place to be explored.

Never forget your past is the campaign that pays homage to the maturity of Blackfin, the form and substance of this brand and its ongoing quest for the new has no fear of comparison, including with itself.

Eyewear Trend Glasses BLACKFIN – Never Forget Your Past

September 16, 2016