Ørgreen’s Industrial Refined – QUANTUM 2.0

Quantum is Ørgreen’s innovative range of frames that, uniquely, employ a spherical hinge to connect the titanium temple to the polyamide front, effectively eliminating extraneous components in eyewear design such as screws and bolts. Combined with Ørgreen’s trademark material – Japanese titanium – and an bespoke range of color stories, Quantum embodies Ørgreen’s goal to challenge the traditions of eyewear design while insisting on offering the highest hand-crafted quality.

Ørgreen - QUANTUM 2.0

Quantum 1.0 launched globally in 2017 with overwhelming success, and we’re now excited to further elaborate on the unique line within the Ørgreen design universe. Consisting of 12 looks for men and women, the second Quantum Collection extends a preoccupation with contemporary urban identity, characterized by constant movement, freedom, and self-determination. Experimental juxtapositions of aesthetic moods run throughout, as classic industrial tropes are paired with a more contemporary sophisticated visuality: what we call industrialism refined.


This is felt particularly in the extra matte polyamide fronts paired with titanium temples, and in the wide new range of colour stories for both men and women. Through a combination of colours and finishes, fronts and temples, the collection plays with dualities of darkness and lightness, roughness and fineness, showing how these moods can be playfully interpreted and subverted through style. These productive encounters of clashing aesthetics echo the dynamics of the modern metropolis, from where Quantum as a concept is derived and realized.

May 12, 2018