The Latest Imperfectionist Eyewear Collection by For Art's Sake

The Latest Imperfectionist Eyewear Collection by For Art’s Sake

The latest frames by For Art’s Sake reflects on the tenacity and boldness of the word “Imperfectionist”. Structural statement shapes and angled edges are juxtaposed with dainty and soft details such as pearls and jade gemstones. Each pair of sunglasses are experimental and innovative, designed with a fashion forward individualists in mind.

In this latest collection, For Art’s Sake has also created never before seen lenses shapes and vivid colours throughout the Imperfectionist collection. To achieve premium quality, every pair is handmade from the finest nylon and acetate.

To For Art’s Sake, this is all about creating opportunities for others, and invite other independent companies to do the same. There is an ‘imperfectionist’—someone with unique flaws and idiosyncrasies—in all of us. To this end, For Art’s Sake aims to be a part of your daily life—not just your Instagram highlights.

On top of these fabulous designs, For Art’s Sake are also donating to two fantastic casus for each pair of sunglasses purchased as they believe in a sustainable approach towards fashion is non-negotiable.  The first charity is Restoring Vision, they donate a pair of prescription glasses for someone who needs them with each purchase made. The second charity,  Trees For The Future plants a tree with with each pair of sunglasses sold. Not just any tree—the trees planted produce sustainable food and generate income for communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America, all while reducing CO2 levels.

For Art’s Sake is essentially a wearable, practical brand that ensures that their designer products are sold at an accessible price point. This way, all Imperfectionists can participate with the brand and its message.

For Art’s Sake’s new Sunglasses Collection will be available on and at For Art’s Sake’s retailers worldwide.

October 18, 2017