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6 Under the Radar Eyewear Designers to Know

Enlite Vision

ENΛΙΤΕ is an independent designer eyewear brand based in Athens, Greece, specialized in lightweight sunglasses made of an advanced, patented wooden composite frame (SUPERNATURAL). ΕΝΛΙΤΕ came into existence in 2015: a second generation of wooden frames, enhanced wooden eyewear solving all of the first generation’s issues.

Supernatural allows to be processed in the same way as plastic, though retaining its biodegradable, resistant and superior quality characteristics. Right from scratch, production process boundaries were pushed, by operating advanced robotics with a complete A-Z in-house production. ΕΝΛΙΤΕ partners exclusively with ZEISS high-definition lenses, certified by the engraved Z logo on every pair manufactured. The essence of ENΛΙΤΕ is to create new ways of production, always serving the initial concept and constantly looking for a unique finishing.


Ballo frames are handmade in Woodstock, Cape Town. At the core of every eyewood frame is a unique combination of recycled paper and off-cut timber, which are laminated together with a bio resin. This gives our frames durability and allows any pair of Ballo to be fit with prescription lenses. We then finish each pair with either off-cut timber; up cycled Denim; ShweShwe or domestic Buffalo horn. Each frame is fitted with either high quality polarized or CR39 UV400 reflective mirror lenses, and spring hinges.


In 2002, Parasite revolutionized the eyewear industry with its introduction of the active «STEREO» system. Since then, the brand, always independent, has positioned itself as a leader of design and innovation. Wearing Parasite is an odyssey to our deepest nature to reveal our “super self”. Parasite is a transcendence of nature, a supernatural interpretation of reality. The Parasite universe is an enlightened vision of contemporary social themes projected in a world of anticipation.
Parasite brand has been created through the idea of symbiosis: Innovative design products that fusion with the user, in a SPORT FASHION (both performant and elegant) and SCIENCE FICTION (technologic and futuristic) spirit.

Peter & May Walk

PETER AND MAY is an independent eyeglasses creation project led by Laura Le Bihan and Xavier Matrand. Each model is conceived and designed in Paris, then developed in France and Japan in partnership with manufacturing workshops chosen for their specific skills. The brand renews itself each season through the use of colours to enhance and shake up the collections, revisiting or creating frames both reliable and easy to wear. The key requirement and only limit about the creation of the PETER AND MAY collections is the accuracy and balance of proportions.

Bob Sdrunk

Bob sdrunk is a lifestyle eyewear brand based in Italy and born in 2009. Founded by a team of expert opticians, the brand stood out in the market with a competitive product concept that no one has ever made before. Bob sdrunk is 100% made in Italy by experienced eyewear manufacturers. The meticulous research of design, shapes, materials and the attention of each single detail are the result of a high quality, original, unconventional and uncommon eyewear.

Bob sdrunk aim is to create high quality eyewear that enhance the identity of the person who wears the eyeglasses. The models are always different and each one of them inspire a character and a way of being.

Boston Club Eyewear

BOSTON CLUB is an eyewear brand that was established in 1984. They redesigned popular styles from 1984 with contemporary styles and classic metal frames with engraving, acetate insert frames and preppy yet functional flip-up frames.  All the frames are manufactured in Japan with drawings that had been kept for 30 years and BOSTON CLUB is now proposing a new Japanese Tradition. By redesigning and remanufacturing outstanding styles they will keep searching for fundamentals and ideals of manufacturing.

September 10, 2017