Declan – A Kickstarter Kickass accessory for accessories

What is Declan?

You know how you wipe your filthy glasses and phone on your shirt to try and clean them only to end up smearing stuff around? Declan is the fashionable and effective solution to this universal problem. At the heart of our products you will find custom-made, microfiber textiles engineered for effortlessly removing daily smudges from smart phones, tablets, glasses, and cameras.

Possible uses for Declan include:

  • Cleaning cloth for glasses, smart devices, or camera
  • Pocket square
  • Handkerchief
  • Pretty much whatever you need it to be in the moment
  • Keep Declan in your pocket, bag, office, home, or car to effortlessly clean your things with class

Why use a cleaning cloth?

Our devices and glasses get dirty everyday. We’ve all awkwardly wiped these things on our clothes to clean them, but this doesn’t do much other than smear stuff around.Declan provides a more effective and more refined approach to keeping your eyewear and touch screens clean.

Why a pocket square?

The pocket square is an incredible tool for defining a man of style. It’s a simple detail that shows that you put a little extra effort in dressing yourself. A pocket square should complement your shirt and tie, but never match them. It should be the finishing touch, not the focal point of your outfit.

The best thing about using Declan as a pocket square? It’s actually functional and can be used outside of a suit or blazer!

Why a handkerchief?

A handkerchief is one of the most overlooked staples that you should carry everyday. And guess what America, a lot of the world still carries one everyday. An item so discreet and functional deserves to be in the pocket or bag of everyone. With a simple material update, Declan has made the handkerchief better than ever.


We’re not saying that you should start keeping boogies in your pocket, but if the need arises and you’ve got nothing else, a handkerchief beats your shirt sleeve ten times out of ten.

Ways we’ve used a handkerchief: dry a bike seat caught in the rain, dry your face from rain/sweat face, emergency situations for your nose and eyes, dry hands in a bathroom with no towel.

Introducing Major | Minor

The Major and Minor collections represent our effort to provide you with a product offering that is as unique as you are.

We’re doing away with labels like pocket square, handkerchief, and microfiber cleaning cloth and embracing the unique versatility and functionality of Declan. Yes, Declan is incredible when used as these things, but people are constantly discovering new uses for Declan and we don’t want to limit their creativity by any pre-prescribed applications. Major | Minor is about making Declan uniquely yours.

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The kickstart campaign has been funded and launched! Get yours here today!

January 9, 2016