MYKITA | Introducing STUDIO 4

MYKITA STUDIO introduces a fourth concept to the design series with a fun sense of style.

Inspired by a modular mode of construction, the collection comprises three bold stainless steel shapes: the cat-like 4.1, the squared 4.2 and the round 4.3.

Mykita STUDIO 4.1 & 4.2 & 4.3 MYKITA STUDIO

Each model is segmented into three separate yet harmonising colours that have been meticulously hand-lacquered on both the inside and outside of the frame. Posh that is playful.

Mykita studio represents the creative core of the modern manufactory. The eponymously named eyewear line is a showcase for high-fashion concepts – uncompromising designs that reflect the aesthetic zeitgeist. Conceived as a design series, each new instalment starts with a clean slate. With no existing restraints or commitments Mykita Studio illustrates a moment in time. A central idea pursued to its consequent, physical manifestation.

The collection will be available from Mid April.

April 6, 2017