Nasim Sehat’s Biz Eyes explores individuality with unusual 3D printed detachable eyewear

Design with an abstract notion of fashion. A notion derived from popular culture, from music and comic books, from villains and superheroes. A daring and cosmopolitan means of expressing your own individuality. Adapting and changing, interpreting and re-interpreting, expressing and exploring you.

Nasim Sehat is an architect and designer born in Tehran, Iran who is now working primarily from Shanghai. She says that her design work explores the Far East, and that she is inspired by such themes as “expressionism and minimalism, naïve art and the dynamic culture of the modern metropolis.” In her recent design project, Biz Eyes, this is apparent, as she delves into the metropolitan and urban drive for individuality and expression through her unique and customizable designs for eyewear.

Biz Eyes is 3D printed eye wear with custom detachable spectacles which can be replaced simply by turning them 25 degrees and screwing another pair on. The base frame is made from sturdy transparent resin and the spectacles themselves are printed in white nylon and resin. All designs are dyed, assembled and hand finished in Nasim Sehat’s Shanghai studio.

October 24, 2015