RYE & LYE reinterpreted The Divine Comedy and the Frenzy of Orlando

Since its very beginning, RYE&LYE has followed a path of research and experimentation tied to the use of unconventional materials and processes not common in the eyewear sector.

The RYE&LYE collections go beyond the concept of spectacles understood as a fashion accessory. Each item is a contemporary interpretation of retro styles. Thanks to the use of selected materials and skillful all-Italian craftsmanship, vintage shapes are combined with cutting edge details and processes. This combination of fashion, design and new technologies makes each piece a symbol of Made-in-Italy virtuosity and the kind of quality that sets this brand apart.

RYE&LYE products are engineered to endure because their content have a particular meaning; they are the expression of creative research, processes and innovative pairings.

Star players at Mido 2016 are two styles that bear the names of two Italians of literary fame: Dante and Ariosto. The RYE&LYE future-retro spirit finds its utmost expression in these creations where design sophistication meets titanium technology. Both frames are made entirely of plastic, finished with 100% titanium detailing at the temples and hinges. The marketing campaign conveys the essence of the brand: artisan hands in the foreground cradle the frames. This creative choice bears witness to the philosophy of this brand, produced at the foot of the Dolomite mountains – the heartland of the global eyewear manufacturing district – loyalty to its values, traditional craftsmanship, ongoing research in innovation and technological progress.

Two iconic eyewear shapes, one round and one squared, are symbolic of RYE&LYE, the marriage of art and technology. These incredibly unique frames are made to make a style statement for the modern dandy who confidently navigates changing city streets while remaining faithful to traditions.

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March 5, 2016