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This Week’s Obsession: Man Repeller’s Unibrow Sunglasses

We all know the witty creator of the Man Repeller has her own unique point of view when it comes to fashion. No surprises when it comes to one of her eyewear designs that we are obsessed with, its called the Unibrow. Repeller is an experimental extension of Man Repeller in the form of cheerful accessories that are about self discovery.

A peach parfait for your perfect punim! Think of these as the ideal dessert for the delightful meal that is your face. Wear them with a napkin-printed bandana to really drive this metaphor home and then text a selfie.

Sunglasses can be worn no matter the weather, but isn’t it nice to have a pair specifically designated for summer? And with a built-in unibrow, no less? Think of these as the most interesting party outfits your eyebrows own, in the perfect tortoise glaze to wear whenever, wherever, however. Our only ask is that you shout down the street, explaining how bright the future looks.

Shop for your Unibrows at the official Man Repeller online store.

August 8, 2019