Vinylize gold records glasses Vision Expo

Vinylize Turns Gold Records into Glasses at Vision Expo

Framed gold and platinum records used to be common on the walls of music business executives until black vinyl LPs gave way to CDs. But not only were classic LPs hanging on the wall of Budapest eyewear manufacturer Vinylize’s Vision Expo exhibitor’s booth at the Javits Center, they were being used this time to make frames—eyeglass frames.

 There, in display boxes, were the Beatles’ album classic Revolver—on the Parlophone label, no less—Nirvana’s Nevermind, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Allen Toussaint’s Southern Nights. Each LP disc bore the cut-outs—and end-products—of the eyeglass frames and cases that were made from them.

“Everything is made out of the records,” said Zack Milaskey, founder of Vinylize—a division of Tipton Eyeworks. “I had been making frames out of metal and wanted plastic, and found a stack of vinyl records in our workshop and decided to make them out of that.”

Vinylize gold records glasses Vision Expo Vinylize gold records glasses Vision Expo

At first Milaskey recycled his father’s album collection, then salvaged Eastern European vinyl from flea markets. While the albums themselves may have worn out from being played, they now wear well in their new incarnation, aided by a proprietary treatment enabling them to withstand heat–with the original musical microgrooves still intact.


April 18, 2016