I could go on and on (and on) about fabulous eyewear. But no matter how many cool designs I see around these old spectacles from 1805 are still in my top chart of eye-candy.

The quality is outstanding, how many of the brands around today do you think will last for centuries? And the detail design, its a piece of art. If they would be mine I would spend all my time looking at the frames rather than looking through the lenses. But one small detail wasn’t quite solved at this time, comfort. I’m pretty pleased with being able to have both my arms free whiles checking out my surroundings.
Scissor glasses were used by a lot of people that made it into the history books, such as Napoleon and Lafayette. Hopefully also others that where not involved with weapons used them too (if they had some extra cash laying around). I wonder if there is anywhere in Italy where its possible to see a pair for real, get the chance to touch some golden decadence.


March 22, 2011