I met Dieter at Mido 2013 in Milan and we had a quick talk about our projects and his brand.
I was particularly impressed when he told me about the main Funk manufacturing plant which is also a retail store and the place where Dieter himself lives!
So, let’s discover a little more about this clever enterpreneur and the great frames he designs.

Hi Dieter! Tell us how you started it all in the eyeglasses world!
Dieter: Hi Fabrizio.
I was about 16 years old when I had to decide what I would like to do in my future life. What profession I will learn after school. Three different professions apeart in my head cook, dental technical and optician. I think it is not very difficult to find out what I have chosen.
During my education period I started already to make frames for myself and I liked it a lot.
After the education period I started to work at a very visionar optician in Munich. At that time one of the most sophisticated optician in Europe – I would say.


What’s the story behind your all-in-one Funk manufacturing place in Kinsau?
Dieter: I always wanted to be independent. Many years ago I had the dream (I had a dream) not only desing glasses. I wish I could manufacture glasses as well.
Regarding the opticians shop in Kinsau the decision was easy. I planned to do a showroom and due to the fact that almost all employes at the headquarters are opticians, it was easy to decide to create an opticians shop instead of a showroom.


How can you define your frames and your style? / Where do you get inspiration for the design of Funk eyeglasses?
My frames and my style I would define as: individuell, visionary, trendsetting, brave, neo-retro, fresh, facepimping but still very simple and without any “schnick-schnack”.
My inspiration I get from; Music, Cities like Berlin-New York-London-Tokyo-Hongkong and Kinsau, Red Wine, Beer, good food, vacation (mainly in Italy) and my multiple personalities in my brain….


Tell us something about the different Funk lines and who is Sashee Schuster?
Our basic and biggest line is FUNKroyal, FUNKroyal is 100% Made in Germany with only the best materials. I would say the collection have a bright, visionary range.

Our second line is FUNK FOOD and the claim is „always fresh eyewear“.
The price is very reasonable because the production of this collection is in Asia and this is the reason that the consumer get a individual designed product for a very fair price with the best quality is possible, “made in china”.
The reason why I started FUNK FOOD is that worldwide we have lot of “fans” of FUNK but they are young and was not able to afford a 100% in Germany Made product.
So they could get FUNK FOOD.

Sashee Schuster is a totally independent line desinged by Sashee Schuster herself. We – FUNK – are very happy that we have been so lucky to get the worldwide distribution rights.
Sashee Schuster’s line is influenced from the 20s up tot he 60s, back to the future, forward into the “good old days”.
Sashee Schuster only uses original old Acetate material my manufacturing have on stock – between 5 and up to 15 years old. You can compare this with a good old red wine – the older, the better (if you treat the wine good during the years) but only until a certain time.


One big reason why a customer should try Funk glasses!
Everybody, and I think really everybody (more or less of course) want to be individual. Everybody have a unique face.
I do not know why such a lot of people wear frames from all these huge and famous brands. They could get so much more “personal” stuff.

Please – everybody who read this interview – think about what you have in your face, think about the story behind, think about who is doing this be proud about that what is in middle of your face.


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June 27, 2013