InAisce x Rigards Architectural Collaboration

Avant-garde label InAisce collaborated with Rigards on this new audacious and unique frame.

The design takes inspiration from the architectural lines and of Tomba Brion-Vega, a monumental cemetery designed by venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, recalling hard edges and austere angles with soft arcs.

To design the collaborative frame, we drew on diverse aesthetics bridged by a focus on performance. The horn structure is hand-sculpted with a wraparound silhouette imparting a futuristic air.

Keeping the lenses round against an angular outline echoes Scarpa’s frequent binary associations of soft versus hard and injects just a hint of steampunk.
The slit at the third-eye and temple reference ancient Iggaak snow goggles, the ingenious innovation of traditional Inuit.

In a final step, the frame is hand-polished to a matte finish and endowed with RIGARDS’s signature Sanjuro technique. A surface treatment applied stroke by stroke entirely by hand, the Sanjuro finish produces a texture that is at once rough and elegant, adding a fingerprint-like uniqueness.


About InAisce

New York-based anti-trend label InAisce unites very different approaches to create dark, modern, architectural looks that also feel natural, organic and full of passion for history and place. The collection is significantly influenced by founder Jona Sees’s extensive travels in Europe and Asia. In particular, he identifies deeply with the way Japanese society values quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail—a commitment that shines through in InAisce’s meticulously crafted pieces.

March 12, 2015