5 questions to the new glasses designers: Vue dc

November 2, 2011
Vue dc: LYZ-B34

Vue dc: LYZ-B34

Vue dc… An history started in 2007

It was the 2007 when Yoma , Chris and Frederic granted with their long experience in the world of eyewear, decided to found Vue dc… collection.


Dear Chris, you are the designer of Vue dc… Can you introuduce us your collection ? How you can defined your frames ?

I love the Art Deco and Streamline period, and this passion has a big influence in my creations. I love to mix the taste of the past with a vision of the future. I like to define my collection as  « a modern vision of the past » .


Dear Yoma, we know that you are the « colour’s stylist » of your brand. Could you explain to us your job and your contribution tu Vue dc… ?

Hi, I’m Yoma. As I love to play with the colours on my painting I love to  choose the right tones for my frames. The selection of colour’s acetate, the choice of cutting the materials in a specific thickness highlighting the volume of the frame and the final hand polishing were the important elements contributing to the development of Vue dc…
What I want to offer with my collection is a female sensuality and a male seduction.


How can you defined Vue dc…’s collection?

The Vue dc… collection is characterized by the purity and the simplicity of its lines.

Chris : « I feels optical frames as a piece of art to emphasis each personality »

We wanted to focus on a simple idea : “Seeing the future by reflecting the past” . The love of authenticity and the knowledge of hand made craftmanship transmitted through generations of artisans , were also the basic elements of the creation of the collection

All stages of the Vue dc… manufacturing process are entirely made in France, a country of great tradition in  artisanal creation.


What is your main satisfaction this years?

For the first time this years we has been nominated at the prestigious “silmo d’or” with an optical frames and an sunglasses.


Where we can find your frames ?

Since its first introduction at the Galleria in New York 2008, Vue dc… has been represented in the most exclusive stores over the globe and has attracted amateurs from the world of art and those who shared the love of the beautiful objects.


Vue dc website